Welcome to all my Gujarati students. In this article, we have discussed new rules of constable in Gujarat in 2021. Also, we have explained about age limit, criteria, exams stages and others.

New rules of Police Constable class-3

Stages and Mode of examination :-

(a) The examination shall be held in Two Successive stages in the following manner, namely

(I) Physical Test (Physical Efficiency Test and Physical Standard Test)

(II) Written Test

(b) The Board shall, after receiving the applications from the candidates, scrutinise the applications with respect to eligibility of the candidates in accordance with these rules and shall allow the eligible candidates to appear in the Physical Test. (c) Physical Test shall be conducted as specified in Appendix II. (d) The candidates who pass the Physical Test shall be called for Written Test. Provided that the number of candidates called for the Written Test shall be about eight times the number of vacancies requisitioned or the number of all the candidates who pass the Physical Test, whichever is lower.

New rules of PSI in Gujarat

(e) The Written Test shall be conducted as specified in Appendix III. The candidates who appear in the Written Test shall be called for document verification based on the aggregate marks obtained by the candidates in the Physical Efficiency Test, Written Test and the marks obtained as per Appendix IV. Provided that the number of candidates called for document verification shall be about twice the number of vacancies requisitioned.

Procedure for preparing of requisitions

(1) Every year all the offices under the administrative control of Home Department shall send the requisition indicating their requirement of persons for appointment to the posts, as specified in Appendix I for the next year, to the Director General and Inspector General of Police in the proforma as specified in Appendix V or in the manner as may be decided by the Government from time to time by a general or special order. (2) The estimate of anticipated requirement of the candidates shall not depend merely upon the actual number of vacancies existing or likely to arise on some particular date. But the offices to which these rules apply shall prepare an estimate of their probable recruitments by past experience depending upon the probable vacancies on account of resignations and other grounds and creation of new posts owing to anticipated developments, etc. Thus, these estimates shall not merely be an estimate of exact available number of posts that may fall vacant during particular period as shown in sub-rules (2) and (3) but shall be an exhaustive numerical estimate of anticipated requirements of concerned posts during that period. Utmost care shall be taken so that the estimate is not excessive beyond the actual requirement of one year from January of a year to December of the year or the sanction given in the recruitment year. The Director General and Inspector General of Police shall send such consolidated requisition to the Board as specified in Appendix VI or in the manner as may be decided by the Government from time to time by general or special order.

Eligibility :-
(1) A Candidate shall not be qualified for admission to the examination unless
he is,-
(a) A citizen of India, or

(b) A subject of Nepal, or
(c) A subject of Bhutan, or
(d) A person of Indian origin who has migrated from Pakistan,
Myanmar, Sri Lanka, East African countries of Kenya, Uganda, the
United Republic of Tanzania, Zambia, Malawi, Zaire, Ethiopia and
Vietnam, with the Intention of permanently settling in India:
Provided that candidates belonging to catagories (b), (c) and (d) shall be
required to furnish a certificate of eligibility issued by the Government;
(2) A candidate who is required to produce a certificate of eligibility under
sub-rule(1) shall be allowed to appear in the examination conducted by the
Board and he shall also be appointed provisionally subject to the production of
eligibility certificate within time frame, as decided by the Government.
(3) No person, who, –
(a) has entered into or contracted a marriage with a person having a
spouse living, or
(b) having a spouse living, has entered into or contracted a marriage with any other person shall be eligible for appointment to the
Post :
Provided that subject to the provisions of any law for the time being in
force, the State Government may, if satisfied that there are special grounds for
doing so, exempt any person from the operation of this sub-rule;
(4) The candidate shall be required to declare in the application form
whether he or she as the case may be, is married and, in the case of the male candidate whether he has more than one wife living and in the case of a female candidate whether she has married to a man who has already another wife living.

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